Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes


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Hello !

I will show you how to quickly create an application that allows you to use an Avengers character and chat with others.

ZetaPush is a back-end framework that allows you to create a serverless application using high level and remotely hosted services.

On this application, we will use 3 services :

  • stack → store messages in database
  • messaging → send message on channel in realtime by websocket
  • groups → create user groups

We will cover these steps:

  1. Installing ZetaPush and download application.
  2. Analyze your worker (worker is used as interaction between the ZetaPush platform and your front).
  3. Analyze your front and its interaction with worker.
  4. Run locally.
  5. Deploy to production.

Thanks for reading !

Now, you're able to reproduce this scenario on your computer, to add feature to this chat or you can develop another application.

Read the documentation for more explanation.

Avengers chat

Step 1 of 5

Step 1 - Initialization

You must create an account on ZetaPush platform, for this, CONTACT US.

After that, you will receive a login and a password.

Clone project repository and install dependencies :

git clone https://github.com/zetapush-demo/avengers-chat.git

cd avengers-chat && npm install

Repository content:

  ├── front
  │  ├── assets
  │  ├── utils
  │  ├── index.html
  │  └── index.js
  ├── worker
  │  └── index.ts (api implementation)
  └── package.json

Now, let's analyze the worker content.