Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Cellery is an architectural description language, tooling and extensions for popular cloud-native runtimes that enables agile development teams to easily create a composable enterprise in a technology neutral way. You will be deploying a Hello World using Cellery in this scenario.

Congratulations, You have successfully deployed your first hello world Cell. :)

Hello World

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Preparing the environment

A basic Cellery installation (including Kubernetes runtime, Cellery Mesh runtime, and Cellery CLI) will start automatically and may take a few minutes to complete. This will set up an environment here in the cloud that you can try Cellery out with.

Once the installation is completed, run the following command to check that it is properly installed.
cellery version

Great! You now have a running Cellery environment in the cloud. Let’s proceed to the next steps to try out your first application on Cellery.