Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Welcome to the Intro to Git Scenario!

This is a scenario to introduce the basics of Git using the Command Line Interface. The virtual machine (VM) on the right will be using the Bash shell on the Ubuntu operating system. However, this should work the same using most shells and operating systems, with slight differences here and there. But for the most part Bash should work pretty much the same across all platforms. So we'll start there.

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(Fans of other shells feel free to fork this repo and make another tutorial specifying the differences specific to your shell.)


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Intro to Git CLI

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Step 1

Spin up VM

This should have started automatically and should be progressing in the pane to the right -->

Note: you can click the commands below and they will be pasted and executed into the terminal on the right. However, if you want to learn I recommend you type them.


^ This command will output the hostname of our VM.

echo $SHELL

^ This command will output the name of the running shell of our VM which should be /bin/bash.


^ The whoami command will output your username.


^ The w command will output the usernames of all users currently logged into the system.