Learn Thanos

By Bartlomiej Plotka

Introduction, Tips and Advanced Tutorials for Thanos: the CNCF, Global, Scalable System for Prometheus Metrics with cheap, Long-term Storage Capabilities. Course version: v0.4

Intro: Global View and seamless HA for Prometheus

Learn how to easily transform Prometheus into centralized, highly available monitoring using Thanos.

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Intro: Downsampling and unlimited metric retention for Prometheus

Learn how to extend your metric retention in a cheap and easy way with Thanos.

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Intermediate: Streaming metrics from remote source with Thanos Receive

Learn how to ingest and then query metrics data from egress-only sources with Thanos Receive.

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Bonus: Using Prometheus Agent for streaming metrics to Thanos Receive

Learn how to use Prometheus in agent mode to efficiently stream metrics out of cluster.

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Advanced: Querying with low tail-latency and low cost - Query caching with Thanos

Learn how to introduce query caching using Query Frontend with Thanos.

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Advanced: Achieving Multi-Tenancy with Thanos

Extend your Prometheus setup for Multiple Teams use with Thanos.

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Playground: All-in, Interactive Thanos un-guided Demo

Demo playground that spins all the components from previous courser together.

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