Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 20 minutes

In this section we are going to add another monitor that will alert us when one of our webservers goes down.

Note: In this staging of the Katacoda scenario, startup will take 3 minutes or so. When we go live this should drop to no more than 20 seconds

You now have monitors that are informational as well as monitors that are alerts. Try adding others you think might be relevant. Of course, you don't have to rely purely on the Datadog UI and on email to receive notifications. Go to the Integrations page and look around at the various notification integrations. You will find Pagerduty, VictorOps, OpsGenie, Slack, Hipchat and many more.

Creating an Notification Monitor

Create a metric monitor

  1. Open the first terminal tab run the light command.
  2. Login to your Datadog account and navigate to the New Monitor page.
  3. Create a new Outlier monitor.
  4. For the metric, enter apache.net.hits and select host for the (everything) textbox.
  5. Enter a relevant title and description in the Say what's happening section.
  6. For description, type the @ symbol and choose the name you entered when you created your account. Click Save.
  7. Open the terminal tab for Host04 and stop apache by running the command apachectl stop
  8. Navigate to the Triggered Monitors page.
    Within a few seconds you should see your Outlier monitor firing. You will also be getting an email.
  9. Click on the name of the Outlier monitor you created.
    Scroll through the page to discover what information is displayed.
  10. Click the Edit tab at the top to edit the monitor.
  11. Scroll down to Set alert conditions and change the algorithm used and the various parameters.
  12. Click the question mark to the right of this to see an explanation of the choices.
  13. Navigate to the Event Stream.
    You should see your Outlier monitor in the stream.
  14. Navigate to the Settings page (you can find it at the icon on the bottom of the sidebar) then click on preferences.
    If you would prefer to only receive notifications like this in the product and not in your email, you can configure which notifications you want to receive.

    When you are finished, run grademe in the terminal. If you have earned the full score, click the Continue button to end the scenario.