Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 20 minutes

So far in our hands on sections, you have seen many of the metrics that are being collected and some of the default dashboards that are available. In this section we will start looking at building a dashboard.

Note: In this staging of the Katacoda scenario, startup will take 3 minutes or so. When we go live this should drop to no more than 20 seconds

Over the last few sections you have learned about most of the options for creating great dashboards. In the next section you will learn about how to get proactively alerted to any issues with your environment.

Creating a Dashboard

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Create a Timeboard

  1. Login to your Datadog account.
  2. Navigate to Dashboards and create a new Dashboard.
  3. Enter First Test for the name and choose New TimeBoard.
    Do you remember some of the differences between timeboards and screenboards? Notice the different visualization types. You have already learned about each of these.
  4. Drag and drop a Timeseries graph onto the canvas.
  5. Choose apache.performance.busy_workers.
    What do you see in the (everywhere) and (everything) textboxes? What do they mean?
  6. Select host in the (everything) textbox.
  7. Try out the different Display types (Lines, Area, Bar).
    What differences do you see in these options? Can you identify when is a good time to use each?
  8. Click Save to add the graph to the dashboard.