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Why use Katacoda?

Getting started is one of the hardest aspects of learning a new product. Katacoda's aim is to remove the effort required to learning new technologies and skills.

Pre-configured demos

Pre-configured demos

Katacoda provides a platform for companies to build interactive environments that are pre-configured with your application.

Guide your user

Guide your user

Create scenarios to help guide users to understand your product and solve their problems.

Create the best documentation

Create the best documentation

Why force users to learn CloudFormation, Vagrant or Docker to get started? Embed Katacoda directly into your website and documentation.

How may Katacoda help you?


Deliver courses for students with hosted pre-configured environments enabling people to get started straight away. Provide take-away materials for students to continue learning after their course.

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Open Source Projects

Create step-by-step courses and scenarios to guide users, educate users on how to use the project best, and allow community members to contribute their scenarios and examples.

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Bloggers and Authors

Enhance blog posts and books by combing them with an Interactive Environment. This allows your readers to try what you're explaining in a pre-configured environment.

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Allow users to try/learn your product via our platform. Receive metrics on how users engage/learn/use your product to help guide your product development.

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