Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes

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Welcome to the Digial Academy's "Kubernetes Fundamentals" series. This is Module 1 - Intro to Kubernetes.

In this lab, will demonstrate how quickly Kubernetes can deploy containers and complex working applications and expose them for external access.

For more information, see the Kubernetes documentation.

Developer(s): William Hearn and Zachary Seguin

Module 1: Kubernetes Overview

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Cluster Info

We now have a Kubernetes cluster running. Yay!

We can interact with the cluster using the kubectl command line tool (CLI). This is the primary approach for managing Kubernetes and the applications running on top of the cluster.

1) Retrieve information about our cluster:

kubectl cluster-info

2) To view the nodes in the cluster:

kubectl get nodes

Note: If the node is marked as NotReady then it is still starting the components.

3) Show the kubernetes system pods running:

watch -n .5 kubectl get pods -n kube-system

Note: Once all pods show as "running" you can proceed to the next step. Hit "CTRL+C" to exit the watch.

4) We can see the other host in our cluster, and actually SSH to it:

ssh node01

However, we will be managing our Kubernetes cluster from the master, so exit the SSH connection by typing exit.