Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes

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Welcome to the Digital Academy "Container Basics" series. This is Module 1 - Intro to Containers and Docker.

In this lab, we will examine the Docker CLI and execute our first container.

For more information, see the Docker documentation.

Developer(s): William Hearn and Zachary Seguin

Module 1 - Docker Basics

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Run Basic Docker Commands

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The next few sections will walk you through some of the basics of Docker.

There are many other tools that can provide a deeper dive into Docker and container technologies.

1) This command will display basic Docker version information

docker -v

2) This command will display extended information about the version of Docker server and client

docker version

3) This command will display system-wide Docker information

docker system info

4) To see a list of possible Docker commands run