Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 50 minutes

Welcome to the Sail tutorial!

In this tutorial we will teach you the basics of Sail on how to use it as you would on your development iteration.

Are you ready to soar the high digital seas? Let's go Sail-er!

Your journey has concluded Sail-er, but your learning doesn't end there.

I encourage you to read the documentation so you know more about what was taught in here and find some use cases for Sail.

For now, farewell and see you in your next coding journey!

Sail Tutorial

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This is your first time in the Sail, isn't it laddie? Well worry not, We're here to make sure you know what to do with Sail.

What is Sail?

Yerrighty, let's get to know what Sail is first, after all, we need to learn about 'er more before we set sail don't we?

Sail is designed to have consistent developer environments without the manual hassle of setting up your own Docker or doing a Vagrant equivalent. Sail will automatically set up stuff for you depending on the project's needs and starts up code-server.

In other words, you get a full fledged environment setup for you with batteries included.

Now we know a bit about 'er, now let's get your hands dirty, newcomer!