Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 45min

Welcome in my second tutorial of Docker 101 - for beginners

In this set of scenarios, you will understand Docker, image and logs.

This tutorial focuses on Docker :

  • Image and Build (Basics)
  • Image and Build (Advanced)
  • Container & Logs (Basics)
  • Container & Logs (Advanced)

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Docker 101 - Introduction Image & Logging

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Memories and Needs

Container is an instantiation of an image.

Memories : Container

Container is an isolation of a process using cgroup isolation from linux kernel.

Docker and other container's runtime provides mechanism to abstract the build of isolation for you.

As we said, container has everything bin & libs to its own environment.

Needs : Docker 101

To understand this scenario, you are able to :

  • run container
  • know logs & pid of a container

Let's pratice : Docker 101 - Introduction Overview for Beginners