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Shaun McLernon

, Professional Chaos Monkey


Professional Chaos Monkey, Breaker of systems and all-round code monkey. Very much a devops convert, as a result huge fan of automation for infrastructure, configuration management, testing and deployments. Love all things docker and kubernetes.

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Kubernetes Demo

Demos presented at the Birmingham Docker meetup as the "Docker from the ground up" series on Wed 12th December 2018.

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Heptio Ark

Learn how to manage disaster recovery for your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes

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Jenkins Evergreen

Playground for building pipelines using Jenkins Evergreen

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Kubernetes 101

In this hands-on scenario, you will learn the basic concepts of Kubernetes.

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Interactive Quiz

Verify understand and key points by using an interactive quiz

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Scenario with verified steps

Check to make sure the user can proceed

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