Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

In this learning lab, you'll build Jenkins using a Docker image based on a Dockerfile. learn how to configure Jenkins to build Docker. You will then install Blue Ocean to then start building your first CI/CD pipeline. The High Level Steps are:

  1. Install Jenkins Docker Container
  2. Load and Launch Jenkins Dashboard
  3. Load and Launch Blue Ocean
  4. Verify Your Installation

Install Jenkins using Docker (Draft) - Manual

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Install Jenkins Docker Container

Install Latest Jenkins Container exposing the dashboard port 8080 with this commmand. docker run -d -u root --name jenkins \ -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 \ -v /root/jenkins_latest:/var/jenkins_home \ jenkins:latest

All plugins and configurations get persisted to the host (ssh [email protected]) at _/root/jenkins_latest. Port 8080 opens the web dashboard, 50000 is used to communicate with other Jenkins agents. Finally, the image has an alpine base to reduce the size footprint.