Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Welcome to this scenario! We take you through all steps that are necessary to create a vulnearble heartbleed-server.

Have fun!

This scenario showed you how to set up a test environment with a vulnerable heartbleed-server.

Create a vulnearble Server

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Step 1 - Install necessary packages

First, we need a few packages to get started.


First thing is installing initscripts: yum install initscripts -y

Let's install httpd, which well serve as our webserver: yum install httpd -y

We also need wget, which we will use later: yum install wget -y

Perl is also needed: yum install perl -y

As well as gcc: yum install gcc -y

Finally, we install mod_ssl, wich enables us to encrypt connections: yum install mod_ssl -y

Now we have everything we need, let's continue.

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