Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 5-10 minutes

Welcome to the Sensu Go Katacoda tutorial!

This is an experimental lesson to help you get started with Sensu Go in a CentOS virtual machine that you can access using an interactive, in-browser terminal.

The source for this scenario lives in GitHub.

See katacoda/scenario-examples for more examples.

Get started with Sensu

Get started with Sensu

Using the interactive terminal, you can see that we have a running Sensu backend (service sensu-backend status) and Sensu agent (service sensu-agent status).

(Click on a command to run it in the terminal!)

To get started, configure sensuctl as the default admin user: sensuctl configure -n --username "admin" --password '[email protected]!' --url "".

Now you can use sensuctl to see the latest montioring events: sensuctl event list.