Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 5-10 minutes

Welcome to the Sensu Go Katacoda tutorial!

This is an experimental lesson to help you get started with Sensu Go in an Ubuntu virutal machine that you can access using an interactive, in-browser terminal.

The source for this scenario lives in GitHub.

See katacoda/scenario-examples for more examples.

Get started with Sensu

Get started with Sensu

Using the interactive terminal, you can see that we have a running Sensu backend (service sensu-backend status) and Sensu agent (service sensu-agent status).

(Click on a command to run it in the terminal!)

To get started, configure sensuctl as the default admin user: sensuctl configure -n --username "admin" --password '[email protected]!' --url "".

Now you can use sensuctl to see the latest montioring events: sensuctl event list.