Unable to file asset check-cpu.yaml
Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 10-20 minutes

Congrats on completing this scenario! By this point, you should be familiar with assets, what they do, and how to host them on Bonsai.

You can complete this scenario now and continue on to the next one. We'll continue to build on the concepts you've learned here, so if you need to come back for a refresher, please do!

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Assets 101

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What is an asset??

This lesson covers another Sensu building block: assets. In Sensu parlance, an asset is a shareable, reusable package that makes it easy to deploy Sensu plugins. An asset contain any number of checks, filters, mutators, or handlers. To read more about how an asset works, read the asset reference documentation.

Let's continue and take a look at an example asset definition.