Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Welcome to your first Keycloak Katacoda Scenario !

In this first scenario, you will learn the basics of Keycloak by creating your first Realm, Role and User.

Congratulation you have completed your first Keycloak scenario ! Now that we have a realm set up, we can start to secure applications.

Configuring Keycloak

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Installing Keycloak

Download the Keycloak distribution

Let's start by downloading the Keycloak distribution

curl https://downloads.jboss.org/keycloak/6.0.1/keycloak-6.0.1.zip --output keycloak-6.0.1.zip

Once downloaded, unzip it :

unzip keycloak-6.0.1.zip

Create Initial Admin user

First let's go to the bin folder of our Keycloak Server :

cd keycloak-6.0.1/bin

And run this script :

./add-user-keycloak.sh -r master -u admin -p admin

Start the server

./standalone.sh -b