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ScyllaDB: Project Alternator: Getting Started Lab

Get started with Alternator, an open-source project that gives Scylla compatibility with Amazon DynamoDB.

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ScyllaDB: Basic Data Modeling Lab

Learn the basics of data modeling and key concepts, the importance of the primary key, and perform related queries

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ScyllaDB: Getting Started with Scylla Cloud Lab

Connect to Scylla Cloud, create a cluster, connect to it and perform some basic queries.

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ScyllaDB: High Availability Lab

See a hands-on example of how Availability works in Scylla. In this lab, you’ll try setting the Replication Factor and Consistency Level and you’ll see how they affect read and write operations when all of the nodes in the cluster are up, and also when some of them are unavailable.

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ScyllaDB: Materialized Views and Indexes Lab 1

Create a base table and different Materialized Views (MV) for that base table, execute updates to the base table, and learn how to query the MV.

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ScyllaDB: Materialized Views and Indexes Lab 2

Global and Local Secondary indexes in action, with example use cases and an explanation of when to use each.

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ScyllaDB: Quick Wins: Install and Start Scylla Lab

Quickly start Scylla by running a single instance using Docker

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