Exclusion patterns

Exclusion patterns

Let's create a script that adds a new test folder and creates a file every 1 second. Also this script register the message in a log file.

rm -rf test/
mkdir test/
for i in $(seq 1 50000);
   echo "Welcome $i times" >> logs
   touch test/$i.cache
   sleep 1

Add execution permissions to the script chmod +x ./poc.sh

Execute the script ./poc.sh

If we see, the numbers of files in the test directory are increasing every 1 second, but, in the editor, we don't see those files. watch ls -la ./test

This is accomplished using the property exclusionPatterns in the definition of the scenario index.json.

  "environment": {
      "exclusionPatterns": ["*test", "./test/*", "./logs"]

Also, we can exclude the hidden files, setting the property hideHiddenFiles in true

  "environment": {
      "hideHiddenFiles": true,
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