Start using the Docker environment for your content by setting the imageid to docker.

For example:

"backend": {
    "imageid": "docker"


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Step 1 - Client/Server

The Docker environment is structured within a Client/Server approach. This aim is to replicate Docker running on a remote server.

As such, certain things that you might be different, such as mounting volumes as they would be mounted on the server, instead of the client.

For example docker run -it -v /data:/data ubuntu "echo hello > /data/test" would not create a file in ls /data/.

You can access the server via SSH, allowing you to see the data created from the container. For example ssh [email protected] "ls /data/".

If you want to run Docker as a single node with the client/server being on the same instance, then we recommend you use the Katacoda Ubuntu environment.