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Katacoda Scenario Examples


Examples of creating Katacoda scenarios - https://github.com/katacoda/scenario-examples

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Katacoda UI Layouts Example

Example of different Katacoda UI Layouts. Also, an example of creating a Katacoda Course!

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Katacoda Environments

Example of selective available Katacoda Environments. More examples coming soon!

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Katacoda Challenges

Examples of how to create Challenges on Katacoda

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Creating Your First Katacoda Scenario

Learn how to create your first Katacoda scenario

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Creating a Katacoda Course

Learn how to create a collection of Katacoda scenarios into a course

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Markdown Extensions

Examples of how the Katacoda Markdown Extensions

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Katacoda Placeholders for IP addresses and URLs

Use Placeholders to dynamically replace values within your scenario content

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Clipboard Integration

Understand how the Katacoda Clipboard integration

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Interactive Quiz

Verify understand and key points by using an interactive quiz

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Run Commands Automatically

Automatically run commands in the foreground and background when a scenario starts

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Displaying Progress Spinner

Display a friendly spinner while long running jobs are completed

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Verifying user actions during scenario

Run checks to make sure the user can proceed. Scenario also offers user solutions if they struggle

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Displaying Web UI

Display a Web UI running on the environment

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Dashboard and Terminal Tabs

Add Additional Tabs to the UI

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Dashboard and Terminal Tabs (IFrame)

Add Additional Tabs to the UI with iFrame integration

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Visualise Environment Tab

Learn how to add the Visualise Tab

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Upload File Assets

Automatically upload file assets to the environment

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Displaying Images

Display images as part of the scenario

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Embed Videos into Scenarios

Learn how to embed YouTube videos into a scenario

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Credit where credit due

Possible ways to provide credit for the content or ideas within the scenario

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Writing files

How to write a file in your scenario

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Exclusion patterns

Exclude files or directories of your scenario

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Visual Studio Code - Install extensions

Install VS Code extensions using background scripts

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