Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Start blank Oekosystem

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Set up Docker-Swarm

Initialize a swarm with the following command docker swarm init

Pull the needed scripts from git-repo git clone https://github.com/sbernauer/Hadoop2docker.git && cd Hadoop2docker

See the parameters that the Script takes ./startUpBlankContainers.sh --help

Start a Oekosystem with 1 Manager and 2 Nodes. It has the default name "hadoop". With the flag -r we will use the public docker hub instead of our local registry, the flag -m and -n specify the images for the manager and node. ./startUpBlankContainers.sh -a 2 -r sbernauer -m manager:centOS -n node:centOS

Now look for the status of the Oekosystem. It may take about 4 mins until all containers are started !!! watch docker stack ps hadoop