Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

After completing this scenario, users will be able to register a system with Red Hat Insights and remediate issues that Insights discovered for the system.

Concepts included in this scenario:

  • Register a system with Red Hat Insights
  • View Insights results that are triggered for the system on cloud.redhat.com
  • Remediate an recommedation that was discovered for the system
  • Validate the remediation by updating system information

Example Usecase:


Author: Scott McBrien, Technical Content Manager (Red Hat)

Using Red Hat Insights [Workshop Only]

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Step 1

Registering a machine to Red Hat Insights

In most Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 installations, the insights-client software will be installed by default. However, the minimal package set does not include installing the insights-client package and other versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, while the package is available, will likely need it installed. Install the insights-client package on the system.

yum -y install insights-client

Next, register your system with Red Hat Insights.

insights-client --register

You successfully registered 3c7e6bd4-2673-4d67-83f6-97cd2e420503 to account 6227255.
Successfully registered host a06560c57e40
Automatic scheduling for Insights has been enabled.
Starting to collect Insights data for a06560c57e40
Uploading Insights data.
Successfully uploaded report from a06560c57e40 to account 6227255.

From the above output, you can observe that the system has been successfully registered with Red Hat Insights. As part of the registration, the machine also uploads a report to Red Hat Insights so that it may be analyzed for any issues.

For future reference, make note of your system hostname.



NOTE: Your hostname will be different than the one listed in the output above

At any time in the future, you can get information about Insights registration by using the --status option to insights-client.

insights-client --status

System is registered locally via .registered file. Registered at 2019-08-14T14:12:37.638768
Insights API confirms registration.