Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: As long as you need

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The objective of this scenario is to provide prospective Rust developers with a playground in which to experiment with Rust programming.

You'll start by installing Rust within the Katacoda interactive learning environment. Then, you'll write a simple Hellow World program in Rust.

You'll have a completely functional Rust programming environment in which to create great Rust programs.

Also, there's a version of Visual Studio Code built right into Katacoda. You can use it to create your Rust source code.

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The Rust icon is a graphic link from rust-lang.org

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Is Rust cool or what?

To learn more about Rust, go to project page, here

Rust Playground

The Rust Playground

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This playground is intended for developers who want to learn to work with Rust.

A version of Visual Studio Code is embedded in this Katacoda interactive learning environment. Just click the IDE tab at the top of the terminal pane to the right.


Step 1: Run the following curl command to install Rust.

IMPORTANT: During the installation process you will be asked to select an option. Select option 1.

curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh

You should see output similar to the following:

Rust is installed now. Great!

Step 2: Set the environment variables required by Rust

source $HOME/.cargo/env

Step 3: Create a basic Rust program. Click the following command to create the empty Rust file

mkdir rust && cd rust

touch hello.rs

Step 4: Open the vi editor to add Rust code

vi hello.rs

Strike the i key on your keyboard to go into edit mode


Step 4: Enter the following code in the file, hello.rs within the vi editor

fn main(){
   println!("Katacoda says \"Welcome to your most excellent Rust coding session!!\"");

Step 5: Exit vi

Strike the Esc key on your keyboard to exit edit mode in vi.

Strike the keys :wq to write the Rust file and exit vi.

Step 6: Compile the code

rustc ./hello.rs

Step 7: Run the compiled executable


Next Steps

Sit down, hit the keys and code!