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Portworx Installation Docker Standalone - 2.6

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Pre-Requisites for Installation on a Stand Alone Docker Host

SYSTEMD: The installation below assumes the systemd package is installed on your system (i.e. systemctl command works).

FIREWALL: Ensure ports 9001-9022 are open between the cluster nodes that will run Portworx.

NTP: Ensure all nodes running PX are time-synchronized, and NTP service is configured and running.

KVDB: Please have a clustered key-value database (etcd or consul) installed and ready. We will install this in the next step.

STORAGE: At least one free unformatted partition/ disk drive. We will make use of /dev/vdb to create our very first storage pool.

All the pre-requisite steps have already been completed in this lab environment with the exception of a KVDB. We will set it up in the next section.