Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Polyscripting is a technology that dynamically generates a brand new programming language, forked from the PHP programming language.

By combining Polyscripted PHP with a transformer that converts WordPress (including all plugins) to this new programming language, we get a WordPress that is almost impossible to remotely inject code into.

Read more on this blog post: Polyscripting WordPress: using scrambled PHP to stop code injection attacks

But why wait? Let's try this out right now!

Depending on whether you ran plain/stock WordPress or Polyscripted WordPress, you may have seen different results.

If you didn't try both, go ahead and restart the scenario and try it the other way.

Definitely feel free to explore the docker images and github repositories from this demo and use it, contribute to it, and share it.

Friends don't let friends get code injections.

Polyscripted Wordpress

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Run Wordpress

The terminal on your right should be starting a MySQL Docker Container to connect our wordpress to. This is a fairly routine step.

When MySQL is ready, run either of the commands below to start wordpress in Plain Mode/Stock Mode (WordPress as it exists everywhere on the planet), or start it in Polyscripted Mode (A WordPress that is unique to this specific instance on your right.)

Plain/Stock WordPress

docker run --name wp-cont --link mysql-cont:mysql -p 80:80 -d polyverse/demo-wp-standard

Polyscripted WordPress

NOTE: This version takes JUST a bit longer to start because it's generating a new PHP on the fly, as well as transforming WordPress to it.

docker run -e "MODE=poly" --name wp-cont --link mysql-cont:mysql -p 80:80 -d polyverse/ps-wp-image