Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Every modern operating system as ASLR and related fancy technologies like KASLR, KARL, CFI, and more.

But how well do we understand why they exist, what they do, how good they are, and what problem they solve?

Introducing Ropoly, a versatile tool that can help you analyze binaries on your system, find how they may be attacked, and understand how good all security technologies are doing their job.

Ropoly is a very early stage project at Polyverse, and we're scaling out the monitoring team that works on it. We welcome contributions, pull requests, issues, feedback, suggestions. Join the effort and help the world understand their binaries better.

Your binaries are showing!

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Get and Start Ropoly...

Let's quickly install Ropoly. It's a single binary (though it DOES rely on libc so you have to download a different version for MUSL and GLIBC). You can find the latest release on Github: https://github.com/polyverse/ropoly/releases

Let's download Ropoly and add it to our path, and run it in server mode:

mkdir ~/bin
wget -O ~/bin/ropoly https://github.com/polyverse/ropoly/releases/download/0.0.6/ropoly-libc-x86_64
chmod a+x ~/bin/ropoly
export PATH=$PATH:~/bin
ropoly server