Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

This guide demonstrates a production installation of Polymorphing for Linux on Ubuntu.

We will walk through the two steps to install Polymorphing:

  • Subscribing to Polyverse repositories
  • Reinstallation of packages

Finally we will verify Polymorphing in a variety of ways.

This being a complete host reinstall, the reinstall step might take the better part of an hour to complete. But it is entirely automatic and unsupervised.

To get a quicker example, check out one of the tutorials on reinstalling in a container instead.

Archis Gore

As we demonstrated, installing scrambled packages is a trivial and simple experience.

Sign up for a free trial in order to test Polymorphing on your machines:

Polymorphing for Linux free trial

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Ubuntu Host Installation

Step 1 of 3

Subscribe to Polyverse Repository

Polymorphic Linux is distributed as drop-in replacement packages for all the existing packages on an existing Linux host, by pulling them from a Polyverse "mirror".

We provide a simple script to subscribe to the mirrors, found on the free trial page.

curl https://sh.polyverse.io | sh -s install Cok5Cd9uC3hV5mTC04opmn5Jo [email protected]

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