Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 20 minutues


In this scenario, we'll cover installing Grey Matter into a Kubernetes pod via Helm and Tiller.

This scenario assumes that you have valid Decipher login credentials.

Success! We've successfully installed Grey Matter into a cluster!

Visit you dashboard to manage your Grey Matter deployment from there.

Installing Grey Matter with minikube

Step 1 - Spinning up a cluster

Step 1: Spin up a cluster

Great! We've got an endpoint on a Node.js server that we built from a Dockerfile that we can ping to verify our cluster actually has something on it:

curl $(minikube service my-cluster --url)

Step 2: Add the Grey Matter helm repo to your workspace:

helm init --tiller-namespace kube-system

Time to knee cap Grey Matter to accommodate Katacoda. Run the kneecap script to automate this process!

bash /root/gm-config/kneecap.sh

cd /root/helm-charts && helm dep up greymatter/

Step 3: Install Grey Matter into your cluster

paste your custom.yaml file into here

vi /root/gm-conf.yaml

helm install --name gm-my-cluster --tiller-namespace kube-system --debug -f /root/gm-conf.yaml greymatter

run kubectl get pod <POD_NAME> -o yaml to debug issues with installation or run kubectl describe nodes