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In this scenario, you will learn how to use PatternFly 4 React Table for the first time.

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Table component: beginner

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Introducing Patternfly React Table

The PatternFly React Table package provides a collection of React components you can use to build tables with consistent markup, styling, and behavior. In this course, we're going to build a PatternFly Table together. We'll start with creating a basic table with simple column/row structures. Then we'll look at how to convert those row/column definitions into object representations, which will be useful for more complex tables later. We'll conclude with setting the table into compact mode and adding pagination so that our basic table works well with lots of data. Let's dive right in.

The following is an example of what a table implementation looks like:

<Table caption="Empty Table" cells={columnsDefinition} rows={rowsDefinition}>
  <TableHeader />
  <TableBody />

Your columns can be expressed as an array of strings or an array of objects which match the type "ICell". The columns definition is passed to the cells prop of the Table component which can take the form of Array<ICell | string>. Below is what an ICell looks like.

export interface ICell {
  title?: string | React.ReactNode;
  transforms?: ITransforms;
  cellTransforms?: ITransforms;
  columnTransforms?: ITransforms;
  formatters?: IFormatters;
  cellFormatters?: IFormatters;
  props?: any;
  data?: any;
  header?: any;
  cell?: any;
  dataLabel?: string;

Your rows can be expressed as a multidimentional array of strings, or as an array of objects which match the type "IRow". The rows definition is passed to the rows prop of the Table or TableBody component, and can take the form of Array<IRow | string[]>. Below is what an IRow looks like.

export interface IRow extends RowType {
  cells?: (React.ReactNode | IRowCell)[];
  isOpen?: boolean;
  parent?: number;
  compoundParent?: number;
  props?: any;
  fullWidth?: boolean;
  noPadding?: boolean;
  showSelect?: boolean;
  isExpanded?: boolean;
  isFirstVisible?: boolean;
  isLastVisible?: boolean;
  selected?: boolean;