Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 2 minutes

Getting Started With OpenShift

We are going to start off with a simple example of building applications in OpenShift. We'll start with a simple JBoss application that is already built in a war. OpenShift makes this really simple for us using a tool called s2i. It knows how to take a war and layer it on top of a JBoss image (that has s2i configuration in it). We're going to start with deploying JBoss by itself, and then we will add a war to it.

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OpenShift Demo

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Step 1 - Create a New Project

First, you have to create a new project. You interface with OpenShift on the command line using the oc command. This command allows you to do almost everything you need to do on OpenShift, including creating projects, adding services, starting and stopping containers, defining user roles, and monitoring the status of your applications.

Create the Project

You create a project using the oc new-project command. We'll create a simple project called jboss-demo:

oc new-project jboss-demo --display-name="JBoss Demo" --description="A sample application built on JBoss"

Once you create the project, you will see it in the list of projects when you run the oc projects command.