Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 60 minutes


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Thank you for taking part in the second part of our introduction to the Onteon!

Today you had the chance to:

  • revise the knowledge from previous scenarios
  • learn concepts behind OCC
  • learn to use OCC's user, node and zone management commands

Further reading

  • Onteon main web page: click!
  • Onteon documentation: click!
  • Onteon Control Center documentation: click!


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Introduction to Onteon - multiple nodes with OCC

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Onteon setup

Onteon setup

Before proceeding to the next step, please wait until the setup scripts finish running.

In the meantime, here's a brief description of the setup in this scenario. The scripts that are currently running, they are starting up three important processes in the context of Onteon: OCC and two separate platforms. In this scenario, you're going to learn managing users in OCC console, managing Onteon's zones and controlling your cluster consisting of multiple nodes (just like the previous scenario).

While preparing the environment for the scenario, we decided to set up both nodes in /opt/jlupin. All files related to NODE_1 instance are in /opt/jlupin/platform1, and all files related to NODE_2 instance are in /opt/jlupin/platform2.