Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 20 minutes

The first Katacoda scenarios focus on the Continuous Integration capabilities offered by Xtesting and XtestingCI but they also support the Continuous Development part.

This scenario rather targets the automated docker builds and the vulnerability scans of your deliverables.

All these jobs covering the patchset verification before merge (a.k.a Gates) are also automatically generated by XtestingCI.

Highlighting the review process requires a Gerrit server which has not been tested in Katacoda yet.

Stay tune!

Deploy your first Continuous Development toolchain

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In a nutshell

As highlighted by the previous scenarios, Xtesting is a simple framework to assemble sparse test cases and to accelerate the adoption of automation best practices. It mainly allows the tester/developer to work only on the test suites without diving into Continuous Integration which would require additional skills.

In the same mindset, XtestingCI also generates all the jobs needed to package automatically your test cases in docker containers from a git repository. All these jobs can scan your deliverables to detect any vulnerability and even run the patchset verification before merge (a.k.a Gates).

It's worth mentionning that all 3000+ upstream jobs needed by Functest and Xtesting are generated by XtestingCI from a single yaml file: