Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 20 minutes

In this scenario, you will smoothly deploy your CNTT RC2 toolchain via XtestingCI and then run a subset of the mandatory CNTT test case list.

Feel free to start with deploy your first Continuous Integration toolchain as a first scenario.

Many other public XtestingCI playbooks are listed in README.

CNTT RC2 forbids you to comment a few test cases as you did to save time. It's worth mentioning that there is no additional test configuration needed for the remaining ones.

It should be noted that CNTT RC1 asks for the same operations. You rather download the CNTT RC1 test case list and handle the OpenStack creds instead of kubeconfig.

Many other public XtestingCI playbooks listed in README would be continously added in this series.

Stay tune!

Run CNTT Kubernetes Reference Conformance

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CNTT and XtestingCI in a nutshell

The Cloud iNfrastructure Telco Task Force is leading the industry in creating a common infrastructure reference platform in the form of reference model and reference architecture definitions to better support Network Function Virtualization (NFV) applications for the Telecom industry as a whole. The working group is collaborating with OPNFV and other open source communities to operationalize and support reference implementations and reference certification platforms.

The objective of each Reference Conformance workstream is to provide an automated mechanism to validate either a network function (NF) or a cloud infrastructure against a standard set of requirements defined by the Reference Model (RM) and associated Reference Architecture (RA).

Xtesting and XtestingCI combined meet the CNTT requirements about verification, validation, compliance, and conformance:

  • smoothly assemble multiple heterogeneous test cases
  • generate the Jenkins jobs in OPNFV Releng to verify CNTT RI
  • deploy local CI/CD toolchains everywhere to check compliance with CNTT
  • dump all test case results and logs for third-party conformance review

This scenario focuses on the Reference Conformance for the Kubernetes-based workstream (RC2)