Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 20 minutes

In this scenario, you will play with CNF Test Suite. It firstly highlights all manual steps vs CoreDNS and then creates a new test case vs Envoy based on the Functest Kubernetes driver.

CNF TestSuite is under huge development. Stay tune for any new update!

CNF Test Suite

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CNF Test Suite in a nutshell

The CNF Test Suite is a tool that makes it possible to validate telco applications, aka Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs), and the underlying Telecom platforms adherence to Cloud native principles and best practices.

This Test Suite initiative works closely with the CNF WG which determines requirements for the CNF Test Suite program.

The CNF Test Suite will inspect CNFs for the following characteristics:

  • compatibility
  • state
  • security
  • microservice
  • scalability
  • configuration and lifecycle
  • observability
  • installable and upgradeable
  • hardware resources and scheduling
  • resilience

It's worth mentioning that, as part of its Kubernetes verification, Functest Kubernetes integrates CoreDNS as offered by CNF Test Suite.