Difficulty: intermediate
Estimated Time: 45-60 minutes

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Welcome to the final lab of Kubernetes Fundamentals II. In this lab, we will configure and deploy the Docker Voting App on Kubernetes. The Docker Voting app is a multi-tier application that lets you vote for your favorite animal, and track the results.

The goal of this lab is to use all of the skills we've learned to help translate high-level requirements into a Kubernetes deployment. Once the application is deployed, there are a few cluster operations to complete to finalize the deployment.

Working in groups of 2 (or 3) will yield the best results.

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Congratulations, you have completed Kubernetes Fundamentals II! If you finish early, feel free to assist other participants.

Voting App Lab

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Voting App Architecture

You have been tasked with deploying the Docker Voting app for your organization.

Docker Voting App Architecture

The overall structure of the application is straightforward. End-users interact with the application via the "voting-app" microservice. Redis receives the vote, and passes it along to the Worker microservice. The Worker microservice stores the vote into PostgreSQL, and the results are viewable to the end-user via the "result-app" microservice.

Your job is to translate application requirements into Kubernetes objects, so you can deploy the entire application.