OpenShift Version 3.9

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Variation for learning the command line interface.

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Learn what the help subcommand does. oc help help

List the global options. oc options

Option Description
--loglevel=0 Set the level of log output
--namespace='' If present, the namespace scope for this CLI request

oc help explain

We can use the loglevel option see the http transactions taking place. oc explain namespace --loglevel=6

The explain subcommand generates a description by working with an OpenAPI definition of the OpenShift APIs.

You can retrieve the API definition in different formats.

curl --remote-name curl --remote-name curl --remote-name

You can use the API reference from the OpenShift documentation to learn about resources.

Learn what the version subcommand does. oc help version

Run the version subcommand showing any http transactions. oc version --loglevel=6

Get version information for Kubernetes. curl

Get version information for OpenShift. curl