Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 20-25 minutes

In this scenario, you will get a full delivery chain up and running from zero.

The initial environment has Docker installed. We will use docker-compose to stand up and orchestrate a new delivery chain composed of Jenkins to build and test our example applications and Artifactory to store the resulting artifacts.

Now let's get started!

Manuel Pais

In a short sequence of steps, we created a new app and bootstrapped the corresponding pipeline in Jenkins.

By leveraging our configuration code, we can quickly get up and running for a new application with a similar tech stack.

We essentially re-deploy our "immutable" delivery system with the new configuration, ensuring the system can be recreated at any time.

From Zero to Delivery

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Check nothing is running

First, click the "CI/CD Pipeline" tab on your right, or follow:


You should see a message similar to this showing that there is nothing running on the host yet: