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Welcome to 4Clojure elementary problems

If you don't know what is 4Clojure you can check here. On the elementary level we will check some basic and the begin sintax from Clojure.

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You've completed your first Clojure scenario!

In fact this scenario is more to understand how Katacoda works! In the next scenarios you will go wild and get deeper on Clojure power.


Oliveira, Luiz



4Clojure Elementary Problems

Step 1 of 2

Step 1 - Run Command

If you already done the first step I made you already have all ready for run the command bellow on your terminal and start lein.

To run Clojure you can just type lein repl on a Terminal.

The first problem show you the boolean on clojure are in this link

there are a few answers for (= __ true) some of them are

(= true true)


(= (not false) true)


(= (= 3 3) true)

any of these answers should give you the correct answer


First clojure will solve the operand '=' after this he will look for the next to parameters (true) | (not false) | (= 3 3) and will check if this is equals to the second (true) this is called Polish notation in this link you will find more details about that