This scenario explained how to create your first container and get details of running container.

In next scenario you will learn how to interact with running container.

Run a Webapp with Docker

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Step 1

Downloading image

In this scenario you will bring up your very first container.

To create a container you need image which will be the container created from. Images are usually hosted somewhere in an accessible location called Registry.

It is a single place to manage Docker images. Users can create account and push their own images to registry.

Use following command to search our desired image in registry. docker search loodse

You will get list of images belongs to a user loodse.

Now we know that our desired image exists in registry, we need to pull it to our local system to create containers of it.

Execute docker pull loodse/demo-www. docker pull command downloads image from docker hub (which serves as a default registry for docker installation).

You can see list of downloaded images using docker images.

You can see loodse/demo-www entry there.