An Introduction to Containers for Go programmers

By Liz Rice

Supported by Aqua Security

1-1: Getting started with containers

Write a simple Go application and run it inside a container

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1-2: Understanding container images

Take a look at the filesystem inside a container, and see how to pass environment variables in, and get logs out

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1-3: Entrypoints and Commands

Specifying the command that gets run when you start a container

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2: Write a container from scratch

Understand how a container is made out of namespaces, chroot and cgroups by writing one in a few lines of Go code

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3-1: Go apps and multistage image builds

Building your Go code into an image using multistage builds

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3-2: Vulnerability scanning for container images

How to scan container images for vulnerabilities

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3-3: Skaffold

Using skaffold to rebuild images as you modify your code

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4-1: Kubernetes basics

Running your containerized Go app under Kubernetes

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4-2: Connecting Kubernetes services

Running a stateless Go app that connects to a database in Kubernetes

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