Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 30 minutes

This scenario explains the classification of handwritten digits using Keras.

The environment has a Docker installation configured, running on a host called docker. Everything else required we'll launch as containers and we will access the Jupyter Notebook in the browser to complete the tutorial.

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Deepschool.io - Keras Neural Nets

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Installing Keras

We will launch a docker container with a keras image. The image is hosted on Docker hub and has already been downloaded to this environment.

Run the following commands in the Terminal:

mkdir /srv/notebooks

chmod -R 777 /srv/notebooks

docker run -d -p=6006:6006 -p=8888:8888 -v=/srv/notebooks:/srv lisaong/jupyter-keras-cpu-py3:v1

This command takes a while to run the first time, because it will download the docker image containing Keras and Jupyter. Once download is complete, the docker image will run, which launches a Jupyter notebook server.