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Python library and command line interface for building container images in better and more secure way.

With Incubator you can:

  • precisely control layering of the image
  • mounting build-time volumes (for secrets present only during the build)
  • better metadata handling
  • use standard Dockerfile (extended functionality is defined externally)

This tutorial will teach you, how to do it.

Documentation can be found at lachmanfrantisek.gitlab.io/incubator/.

The source is hosted at gitlab.com/lachmanfrantisek/incubator. There you can find the installation methods as well as the issue tracker.

Thank you for giving the incubator a try.

If you have any questions, missing feature or bug, please fill an issue in the project repository: https://gitlab.com/lachmanfrantisek/incubator/issues

Introduction to Incubator

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Preparing environment

Please, wait a minute, the environment is being prepared.

If you see the shell prompt ($), please welcome!