Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

The goal of this interactive scenario is to deploy a local development Kubernetes cluster using minikube and run Kube-Bench and KubeHunter

This is a quick tutorial to show how to run Kube-Bench in a Kubernetes Cluster to review any Security risk based on the CIS benchmark

Kube-Bench and KubeHunter in MiniKube

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Cluster up and running

We already installed minikube for you. Check that it is properly installed, by running the minikube version command:

minikube version

OK, we can see that minikube is in place.

Start the cluster, by running the minikube start command:

minikube start

Great! You now have a running Kubernetes cluster in your online terminal. Minikube started a virtual machine for you, and a Kubernetes cluster is now running in that VM.