Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Welcome to your first Keycloak Katacoda Scenario!

In this first scenario, you will learn the basics of Keycloak by creating your first realm, role, and user.

Congratulation! You have completed your first Keycloak scenario. Now that we have set up a realm, we can start to secure applications.

Configuring Keycloak

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Installing Keycloak

Download the Keycloak distribution

Let's start by downloading the Keycloak distribution:

curl https://downloads.jboss.org/keycloak/7.0.0/keycloak-7.0.0.zip --output keycloak-7.0.0.zip

Once downloaded, unzip it:

unzip keycloak-7.0.0.zip

Create Initial Admin user

First, let's go to the bin folder of our Keycloak Server:

cd keycloak-7.0.0/bin

And run this script:

./add-user-keycloak.sh -r master -u admin -p admin

Start the server

./standalone.sh -b