Difficulty: beginner
Estimated Time: 15 minutes

pyATS is an end-to-end testing ecosystem, specializing in data-driven and reusable testing, engineered to empower Agile and rapid development iterations. Extensible by design, pyATS enables developers to start with small, simple and linear test cases and easily scale towards large, complex


In this learning lab you are going to

  • Learn about the benefits of pyATS
  • Review some sample test cases
  • Execute your first pyATS test job

pyATS features

Plug & Play Framework

  • Highly extensible & plugin-friendly core framework
  • Start small - comes out of the box with a predefined set of necessities
  • Scale big - easily add functionality where you need through custom plugins and hooks

Platform Agnostic

  • Multi vendor & platform support achived through plugins and polymorphic interfaces
  • Accelerate development-to-deployment process by eliminating duplication of boilerplate coding
  • Proven track record - used in multiple product testing, ranging from web apps to enterprise routing platforms

Data-Driven & Reusable Tests

  • Write test cases that you can easily re-use, inherit, extend & scale
  • Drive your tests with different topologies, parameters & datasets - expand your test coverage with the same test suites
  • Take control of your automation: pick tests by id or groups, run in sequence or in parallel

You've completed your first pyATS scenario!

Introduction to pyATS

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Step 1 - Installing pyATS

pyATS requires python3 and can be installed using pip


To install pyATS simply type

pip3 install pyats

NOTE: you can just click on these commands to save yourself some keystrokes.