Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

In this scenario, you will learn the advance concepts of Istio Service Mesh Smart Traffic Routing.

The Advance Traffic Routing that Istio supports are,

Intelligent Routing

  • Ingress controller
  • Load balancing: round-robin, random, weighted least request
  • Dynamic routing based on control header, geo, os, identity*
  • Gradual rollouts
  • A/B testing by dynamic routing
  • Service promotion (experimental, community, Beta, Prod, internal etc..) |
  • Service virtualization (mock tests)
  • Canary releases
  • Mirroring

Visit the product page and signin as a user jason (password jason)

You have learned how to install istio on minikube

Istio - Security & encryption

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Setup & Start minikube

To start, launch the Kubernetes cluster. This will launch a two-node Kubernetes cluster with one master and one node.

Check if minikube is running

minikube status

If the status above shows stopped, then Start the minikube

minikube start --memory=8192 --cpus=4 --kubernetes-version=v1.13.0

It will take around 3-5 minutes.

Check the status of cluster by

minikube status

Health Check

Once started, you can get the status of the cluster with kubectl cluster-info

Kubernetes has a web-based dashboard UI giving visibility into the Kubernetes cluster.


Enable the kubernetes dashboard minikube addons enable dashboard

Patch the dashboard service kubectl patch service/kubernetes-dashboard -p '{"spec":{"type":"NodePort"}}' -n kube-system

Check the port of the dashboard: kubectl get svc kubernetes-dashboard -n kube-system -o 'jsonpath={.spec.ports[0].nodePort}'

See kuberenetes dashboard at https://[[HOST_SUBDOMAIN]]-30000-[[KATACODA_HOST]].environments.katacoda.com/

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