Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

Rust Step by Step

By Josselin CHEVALAY

all exemple of this tutorial are inspired by this book https://www.amazon.com/Rust-Programming-Language-Steve-Klabnik/dp/1593278284 if you like that, please buy this book to support the authors

Getting Started

In this first scenrio we will install and use for the first time toolchain for run / use and develop with rust.


  • Install rust toolchain
  • update / uninstall rust
  • hello world with rustc

Have fun !


In this part we learned how to install and uninstall rust toolchain in next chapter we will learn use toolchain of rust and organisation in rust project.

rust by step : getting Started

Step 1 of 3

Step 1

Install rust toolchain

for install macOs and Linux you can use this command :

curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh -s -- -y

for windows see the documentation https://forge.rust-lang.org/other-installation-methods.html

now you need to manually declare all toolchain installed in your PATH

source $HOME/.cargo/env

you can check with this command

rustc --version