Difficulty: Beginner
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Step 1. Introduction to Genie

Genie is a Python library solution for PyATS which contains all the tools needed for Network Test Automation. Genie bundled with the modular architecture of the PyATS framework accelerates and simplifies development of network test automation, while leveraging all the perks of the Python programming language and promoting the development of agnostic libraries. Genie is redefining how network test scripters interact with devices through libraries and avoiding functional programming.

Genie is used internally within Cisco for automating network testing and has also been released externally through Cisco DevNet. This means that the same tests which are used internally at Cisco during product development can also be executed externally on a customer setup. This is massive news for automation within and outside of Cisco!


In this learning lab you are going to learn:

  • How to install a virtual environment
  • Install Genie

More information on our official website

Now that Genie is installed, you are ready to go to the next level of network automation!

Genie Installation

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Step 1 - Virtual environment

Creating Virtual environment

Virtual Environment is the recommended way to install pyATS.

The command to create a virtual environment is as follow:

virtualenv virtual --python=python3.5

Once create, you can activate the virtualenv by running the following commands:

source virtual/bin/activate

You can see the prompt has changed to include the virtual name.

which python

Python related commands now points to this virtual environment.

Note: you can create a virtual environment with the following command

python3 -m venv virtual

However this environment does not support it and would requires extra steps.