Difficulty: Introduction
Estimated Time: 15 minutes

Chaoskube on Kubernetes


Adopting chaos engineering strategies for your production environment is useful, because it is the only way to test if a system supports unexpected destructive events. -- KubeInvaders

Chaoskube periodically kills random Pods in your Kubernetes cluster, which allows you to test how your system behaves under arbitrary Pod failures. Chaoskube is a tool designed by Martin Linkhorst and its open source is found here.

You will learn how to:

  • Install Chaoskube onto Kubernetes
  • Adjust the Helm chart configuration to quickly see it in action
  • Install and label applications to make them eligible targets for chaos


Chaoskube can be one of the tools in your toolbox for approaching testing with Chaos on Kubernetes.

With these steps you have learned:

  • ✔ How to install Chaoskube onto Kubernetes
  • ✔ How to adjust the Helm chart configuration to quickly see it in action
  • ✔ How to install and label applications to make them eligible targets for chaos

In the last year we've seen Chaos Engineering move from a much talked-about idea to an accepted, mainstream approach to improving and assuring distributed system resilience. As organizations large and small begin to implement Chaos Engineering as an operational process, we're learning how to apply these techniques safely at scale. The approach is definitely not for everyone, and to be effective and safe, it requires organizational support at scale. -- ThoughtWorks Radar


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Your Kubernetes Cluster

For this scenario, Katacoda has just started a fresh Kubernetes cluster for you. Verify it's ready for your use.

kubectl version --short && \ kubectl get componentstatus && \ kubectl get nodes && \ kubectl cluster-info

The Helm package manager used for installing applications on Kubernetes is also available.

helm version --short

Kubernetes Dashboard

You can administer your cluster with the kubectl CLI tool or use the visual Kubernetes Dashboard. Use this script to access the protected Dashboard.


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